Private Mortgages Course

FSRA accredited course for the Mortgage Agent Level 2 Licence

FSRA accredited course for the Mortgage Agent Level 2 Licence

The CMBA Ontario Accredited Private Mortgages Course provides active mortgage agents in Ontario with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively transact with Private Lenders.

This course is accredited by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) and adheres to the Mortgage Broker Regulators Council of Canada (MBRCC) accreditation standards.

You must successfully pass the final examination online to complete the course. The examination consists of 50 questions and a score of at least 70% is required. Results will be provided within 3 business days after the completion of the final examination.

Take the course with one of our Facilitators, or on your own through our Self-Study option.

Learning Outcomes

The course is designed to align with FSRA’s learning outcomes:

  1. Education/competency requirements that better align with activities in the mortgage market
  2. Enhanced consumer protection as borrowers and lenders / investors receive appropriate levels of information and recommendations to make informed decisions relevant to their mortgages / mortgage investments
  3. Enhanced confidence in the mortgage brokering industry as licensees are prepared for their career in the mortgage brokering sector


    • Timeline: You have 6-months to complete your review of the course material and write the exam.
    • Extension: You may purchase extensions in increments of 2-months for $75 +HST, up until a maximum of 12 months.
    • Maximum timeline: 12-months. If you cannot complete the exam within 12 months, you will need to take the course again and pay the course fee in full.

    In-Class: Virtual Classroom/In-Person

    • Timeline: You must write the final exam within 7 days of the last day of class
    • Extension: You may extend by another 7 days at no cost. Any further extensions may be subject to a fee of $75 +HST. Please contact us at to inquire.
    • You may reschedule your class if it has not yet started at no cost

    Final Examination

    • Timeline: 3 hours maximum to write the exam, in one sitting
    • Final examination will be proctored virtually using an online application
    • You must have a webcam, microphone, speakers, and share screen enabled during the exam
    In-Class Details

    Experience the in-class setting from the comfort of your own home or office in our Virtual Classroom, or physically in-person at CMBA Ontario’s Head Office located at 40 Winges Road, Unit 7, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 6B2.

    Instructed by experienced mortgage industry professionals, and includes lectures, class discussions, group problem solving and case studies.

    We have 3 different class options to accommodate your work/family schedule: Monday-Friday, 2 consecutive weekends, or 2 days over 2 weeks. Classes run from 9:00AM to 4:00PM each day


    Member: $299 (HST exempt)

    Non-Member: $349 (HST exempt)

    Members must use a coupon when paying for the course to activate the reduced cost. Get the coupon by logging into the Member Portal here:

    Students will be given 2 breaks and 1 lunch break each day. The instructor will go through all the chapters during class, including PowerPoint presentations and quizzes that will be done as a class and on your own time. Attendance is mandatory, to successfully fulfil FSRA’s requirements for the Mortgage Agent Level 2 Certification. The instructor will also provide their contact information if the students have any questions while studying at home.

    Students must complete the online exam within 7 days after the last class. An extension of 7 days may be provided. Any further extensions may be subject to a rescheduling fee of $75 + HST.

    An electronic textbook will be emailed to students prior to the first class.

    The course content and exam are the same for all formats. Everything covered in the assigned chapters and by the instructor constitutes part of the subject content and is eligible for inclusion on the final examination.   

    It is ESSENTIAL that students read the assigned material before class and make careful notes on the reading material as well as in-class lectures and discussion.

    NOTE: In order for a course to proceed, a minimum number of participants must be met. If the minimum number of registrants for the course dates you have chosen is not met, you can switch into an alternate date we are offering or into our online course.


    Take the course on your own time! Students can take up to 6 months from the date of registration to complete the online course and examination.

    Students who are unable to complete the online course within the 6-month period, may request a 2-month extension for a fee of $75 plus HST. Students will be allowed to purchase an extension for 2-months for $75 +HST, up to the maximum of 12 months. If the course and exam are not completed within 12 months, the course must be purchased in full again.


    Member: $299 (HST exempt)

    Non-Member: $349 (HST exempt)

    Members must use a coupon when paying for the course to activate the reduced cost. Get the coupon by logging into the Member Portal here:

    Only once you have completed your review of the course content, you can access the final examination, which is proctored online.

    Refund policy

    Virtual or In-Class:

    • Students who wish to cancel the course after purchase will receive a refund minus a 25% administration fee.
    • There is no charge for re-scheduling.
    • Refunds will not be available past the start date of the class.


    • No refund shall be given beyond 5 days of registration or if the first module has been opened.
    • If within 5 days and no modules have been opened, a refund will be given minus 25% administration fee.

    CMBA Ontario Education Policies

    Code of Conduct

    Everyone taking a course at CMBA Ontario must adhere to the Learner’s Code of Conduct. You will need to attest that you adhere to the code.

      Privacy Policy

      We are committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information on CMBA Ontario’s members and students enrolled in CMBA Ontario’s courses.

      Review our privacy policy for more information.

        Accommodation Policy

        CMBA Ontario is happy to make accommodations within reason for Learners with a valid accessibility need.

        It is expected that at a minimum, all Learners who are registering for a CMBA Ontario course is able to successfully operate as a Mortgage Agent or Broker with these basic skills: fluency in English, comfortable with computers, able to navigate web browsers, and comfortable completing online forms/questionnaires.

        Please contact CMBA Ontario at to inquire about your specific accessibility accommodation.

          Line D’Amour has been exceptional in her teaching and coaching for the Oriana Financial team of agents for the Private Mortgages Course.  She definitely makes CMBA Ontario the best choice for this important Licence requirement.

          -Mike Hall, Broker, Oriana Financial

          Elizabeth provided real life examples to the Private Mortgages Course that made each subject easier to understand and remember, especially mortgage administration and the different types of private lender groups. Due to family and work I have always done just self-study courses but I am happy that I chose to take the class virtually, I learned a lot!

          -Anne Perala, Principal Broker, Royal Financial Services Inc.

          Tom facilitated excellent conversations that were educational and engaging during the Private Mortgages Course. The Admin team kept me in the loop with everything during the course and I got my exam results quickly. It was a pleasure being in a virtual classroom to be able to meet other agents/brokers in the industry and make new connections!

          -Arlen Ekstein, Mortgage Agent Level 2, Tembo Financial Inc.

          The Private Mortgages Course offered by CMBA Ontario provided great insight into Private Mortgages.  The course was well-designed and organized in a way that reinforces the fundamental knowledge of the Private Mortgage space and also adds a practical application component to complement the learning concepts.

          I was fortunate enough to have Elizabeth Gnoinski as the facilitator of the course; her knowledge in the area of Private Mortgages further brought the course to life.

          I would recommend CMBA Ontario Mortgage Agent 2 course to enhance your career development path for those who seeking to offer Private Mortgages as part of their lending options.

           -Darnell Charlemagne, Mortgage Agent, BRX Mortgage Inc., 13463

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