Mortgage Agent Course
for the Mortgage Agent Level 1 Licence

The CMBA Ontario Accredited Mortgage Agent Course provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to become an effective mortgage agent holding the Mortgage Agent Level 1 licence and negotiate mortgage transactions with Financial Institutions.

This course is accredited by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), and adheres to the Mortgage Broker Regulators Council of Canada (MBRCC) accreditation standards.

You must complete this course to achieve the mandatory education requirement to obtain your Mortgage Agent Level 1 licence in Ontario. This course is also available if you simply want to learn more about mortgages.

CMBA Ontario offers flexible learning options! Choose your learning path with 3 learning options:

  1. In-Person, with a Facilitator in our head office
  2. Virtual Classroom, with a Facilitator in our webinar platform
  3. Online/Self-Study, on your own using our online portal
About the Mortgage Agent Course

The CMBA Ontario Mortgage Agent Course is Accredited by FSRA, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario and adheres to the Mortgage Broker Regulators Council of Canada (MBRCC) accreditation standards.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Analyze the contextual framework in which mortgages are transacted in Ontario.
  2. Explain the components and mechanics of a mortgage.
  3. Recognize the impact of the legal requirements related to the ownership and disposition of land and property on the mortgage industry.
  4. Recognize the impact of regulation and legislation on the mortgage industry in Ontario.
  5. Qualify the borrower(s).
  6. Determine the borrower’s needs and match them up with product offerings available in the market.
  7. Obtain an approval for a mortgage that is suitable for the borrower(s) from a lender.
  8. Disclose terms and conditions to the borrower.
  9. Facilitate the mortgage closing process.
  10. Manage contracts and agreements in accordance with legislation, including PIPEDA.
  11. Recognize the impact of tort law on the mortgage brokerage industry.
  12. Distinguish between ethical and unethical behaviors.
Timeline for Completion

For the online course, students have up to 6-months from the date of registration to successfully complete the course.

Need more time?  You may extend by 2-months for a fee of $75 + HST. You are allowed a maximum of 2 extensions, for up to 1 year total. Otherwise, you must pay the full course fee to restart your journey.

Final Examination

The final examination consists of 50 multiple choice questions and is conducted using an online proctoring system. You must write your examination online.

Students must successfully complete the final examination to pass the course. A minimum score of 60% is required to successfully pass. Only a Pass/Fail result will be provided.

Only 1 re-write is allowed, at a fee of $75 + HST.


In-person and Virtual Classroom: $365.00 (HST exempt)

Online Course: $365.00 (HST exempt)

2-month Course Extension: $75.00 plus HST

Exam rescheduling fee: $75.00 plus HST

Textbook is FREE to download! CMBA offers a digital textbook that is easy to navigate with embedded links and the ability to quickly search for content.

Physical textbook is available to purchase: $70.00 plus HST. A $20 shipping and handling fee will also apply. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

What The Course Includes
  • Online course: access to online course
  • In-person/Virtual classroom: access to qualified facilitator
  • Digital textbook
  • Final examination
  • Certificate of Course Completion and Transcript
How to get your Mortgage Agent Level 1 Licence

Step 1: Successfully pass CMBA Ontario’s Mortgage Agent Course by achieving at least 60% in the final examination

Step 2: Find a brokerage in Ontario to work with

Step 3: The Principal Broker at the brokerage will register your licence with FSRA

Information on how to get a Mortgage Agent Level 1 licence is on FSRA’s website here:


Refund Policy

Online/Self-Study: No refund shall be given beyond 5 days of registration or if the first module has been opened. If within 5 days and no modules have been opened, a refund will be given minus 25% Administration Fees.

Virtual Classroom: No charge for rescheduling class if the request is made prior to the start of class. No refund shall be given after the first day of class. If before class has started, a refund will be given minus 25% Administration Fees.

Out of province but looking to Practice in Mortgages in Ontario?

If an Ontario License applicant is already licensed in another province, they can apply for a license using reciprocity, which eliminates the requirement to take the Mortgage Agent Course.

More information is available on FSRA’s website here:

Complaints Policy

Should you have a complaint regarding the Course, the process, an instructor or another concern please submit your concerns to our Executive Director. Please include your Name, Contact Information & the details of your concern within your email.

Get answers to frequently asked questions here

This is my first time doing virtual in any academic setting and honestly from a technological standpoint, the set up is really good!  The whole experience is as good as can be expected considering that it is virtual, and I only say that because I prefer traditional methods 🙂  Also, you were absolutely right about the instruction for the course is great, as I really appreciate Nick’s background and expertise.  So far I am super excited about the course and moving forward with my future goals in joining the industry.

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