Equifax Issues Reminder June 2023

Equifax Canada is a leader in security and compliance. Equifax Canada takes many steps to reduce the risk of consumers’ personally identifiable information from being used in a manner that is not secure, or not compliant and/or contrary to the agreement between you and Equifax.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that you are required to keep the consumer credit file information you receive from Equifax secure and confidential. This information should not be disclosed or transferred in whole or in part to anyone else, including any third party or reseller. This includes the individual who is the subject of the credit information unless the disclosure or transfer is required by law; or Equifax has consented to the disclosure or transfer in writing.

For further clarity, in the mortgage broker community this means not sharing any credit file information with anyone including any entity or connector that has not been vetted and approved by Equifax. Emailing, providing screenshots, faxing, or using online file sharing services to share credit file information are all considered inappropriate uses of the credit information you receive from Equifax; and in violation of the contractual agreements with Equifax. Should a consumer decide to share their personal credit file with you, as opposed to you receiving it directly from Equifax, we cannot guarantee that information provided by that consumer has not been altered in any way prior to this being provided to you.

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